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Pupil Leadership

Hodge Hill College believes in fostering a positive culture based on British values that are shared by the entire school community. The school promotes respect, and healthy attitudes towards learning, work, and life. Pupils are encouraged to actively participate in the school's life and work and to learn and exercise their responsibilities as members of a community. The Pupil Leadership program aims to encourage pupils to become active, responsible members of the school community.

There are five different groups, and pupils can apply to become a Pupil Leader by going through an application process. The applications are assessed by several staff members, and successful students receive a coloured tie. Year 11 Pupil Leaders have to go through an interview with the Head Teacher to distinguish between Senior Pupil Leaders and Deputy Pupil Leaders. Pupil Leaders receive training to enhance their leadership skills, such as oracy/public speaking training and first aid.

Year 11 Pupil Leadership Team

The Year 11 Pupil Leadership team set the example of what is expected of all pupil leaders. To aid this, they have developed the pupil leader agreement. This agreed that all pupil leaders should:

  • Uphold the CARE brand around the school at all times
  • Ensure all pupils at Hodge Hill College can have their suggestions heard and work with SLT to make suggestions a reality
  • Run fundraising events that donate funds towards those who need it most at Hodge Hill College
  • Help pupils in lessons when they are struggling to develop their learning
  • To work with SLT to ensure that Hodge Hill College is a place that pupils wish to come
  • Organise events that promote understanding between different cultures with Hodge Hill College


Year 7-10 Pupil Leadership Team

The pupil leaders in every year group have successfully secured their positions and are identified by wearing a coloured tie. These leaders are responsible for organising charity events and collections, as well as delivering assembly presentations to promote different events and update their peers on various happenings within their year group. One such event was the launch of UNICEF RRSA, which was introduced to pupils through a presentation about the right to education. Additionally, student leaders are expected to lend a hand in at least one Parent's Evening or Open Evening by welcoming visitors to the school and assisting them in completing parent surveys and questionnaires.