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At Hodge Hill College, we believe that enrichment and extra-curricular activities are an integral part of our pupils' education. That's why we offer a broad range of activities that are designed to help our pupils develop their interests and talents, and broaden their horizons. Our programme is an extension of the school's curriculum and builds on our CARE brand while instilling British values in our pupils. We provide high-quality provision that offers plenty of opportunities for our pupils to develop their resilience, character, and performance. Our sports provision has improved significantly, helping our pupils to develop both physically and mentally.

Please make sure:

  • You attend regularly
  • You wear the appropriate kit for any sporting/practical activities
  • You sign in at Reception upon arrival for before-school sessions each morning
  • Your parents know if you are staying behind after school and what time you will be home
  • You go straight home after your after-school session
  • You understand the correct procedures if you need a school lunch
  • You remember that staff are giving up their time to run all of these activities
  • You show good sportsmanship and are respectful of others
Extra-Curricular Timetable