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All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform and their appearance should be appropriate to a working environment. Shirts must be tucked in, top button fastened and ties worn correctly. If pupils are not in the correct uniform, and they refuse to borrow a replacement uniform, parents/carers will be contacted, and the pupil sent home to change. We ask all parents/carers to uphold the correct wearing of school uniform by their child and to support the school.

The Headteacher’s decision will be final in all matters relating to uniform, jewellery and hairstyles.

School Uniform
  • Black blazer with school badge (Griffin)
  • White shirt
  • Black trousers/knee-length straight skirt/tunic
  • Clip-on school tie
  • Black or dark grey socks
  • Appropriate leather shoes (not trainers or boots and no embellishments)
  • Black headscarf – this is optional and headscarves with the school logo are available to buy
PE Kit
  • Red polo shirt with school logo
  • Blue football shorts
  • Red football socks
  • Trainers
  • Plastic moulded studded football boots
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit trousers
  • Plain black waterproof jacket with hood
  • Optional: Plain navy sweatshirt or fleece with school logo* (no hooded top)
  • Optional: Navy blue rugby shirt with red band

*Available at Mansuri Schoolwear & RAK Uniforms

Please ensure all uniform and PE kit is labelled with your child’s name.

All pupils have access to the 3G rubber crumb pitch during PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs. This is a fantastic facility, which due to the high grading requires specific footwear to use it.

All pupils must have a pair of plastic moulded studded football boots as part of their PE kit preferably black, but not compulsory.

During Cold Weather
  • Pupils are permitted to wear a black v-neck jumper under their blazer as an option
  • Outdoor coats should be plain, black, waterproof, and warm with no large logos or patterns
  • Fleeces, hoodies, sweatshirts, and gilets are not acceptable
  • Blazers must still be worn regardless of the weather conditions
  • Jewellery is not allowed, however, pupils may wear one plain stud in each ear
  • Pupils wearing inappropriate or unsafe jewellery will be asked to remove it and parents/carers asked to collect the confiscated items at the end of the school day
Hair & Makeup
  • Pupils should not wear makeup to school
  • Haircuts and hairstyles must be appropriate
Items of Clothing Not Permitted
  • Trainers or non-uniform footwear
  • Sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, hoodies, gilets and sleeveless jackets
  • Caps, gogglehats/coats and pouches
  • Floor-length skirts or dresses and leggings
Official Suppliers

Please note: Hodge Hill College is not affiliated with any retailer and our uniform can be purchased from any retail store. Only the school badge, tie and hijab can be purchased from the School Office.

Clive Mark Schoolwear

Clive Mark Schoolwear (Sheldon)
2286 Coventry Road
B26 3JR

Telephone: 0121 722 2286

Clive Mark Schoolwear (Wylde Green)
409-411 Birmingham Road
Wylde Green
B72 1AU

Telephone: 0121 384 4186

Crested School Wear

Crested School Wear
71 High Street
B23 6SA

Telephone: 0121 350 8444


Mansuri Schoolwear

Mansuri Schoolwear (Sparkhill)
754-756 Stratford Road
B11 4BP

Telephone: 0121 778 2787

Mansuri Schoolwear (Yewtree)
163 Yewtree Lane
B26 1AY

Telephone: 0121 784 4230 

My Clothing Limited 

An easy way to get great value uniform online and raise money for Hodge Hill College just by shopping with My Clothing Limited. A 5% cash donation to your school when embroidered purchases are made. UK Home delivery within 14 days. For more information, please visit the following link:

RAK Uniforms

RAK Uniforms
603 Washwood Heath Road
Washwood Heath
B8 2HB

Telephone: 07503 967232 

For further information on our school uniform, please see our Family Handbook.