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Together we create a safe, caring and successful environment, committed to empowering students to achieve their full potential”

At Hodge Hill College we provide a positive ethos based upon British values that are shared across the school community. The culture and ethos of the school promotes respect as well as healthy and productive attitudes towards learning, life and work. Pupils are encouraged to contribute to the life and work of the school and, from the earliest stages, to exercise their responsibilities as members of a community. As part of empowering student to be responsible members of the community we have a coordinated fundraising programme that supports the collective worship calendar.

This year as a school we have chosen to concentrate our fundraising efforts on two main charities:  MIND and Save the Children. These charities were chosen by our Prefect team in conjunction with our Leadership team.


My name is Samee Ahmed and I have the honour of representing Hodge Hill College as Head Boy for 2017-2018.

Ever since joining Hodge Hill College in year 7 I have always been welcomed and challenged to achieve my full potential. These last four years at Hodge Hill College have shaped me into who I am as a person today. The role of Head Boy is a great opportunity and responsibility; one I accept whole heartedly. I see this position as a central part of the school’s foundation, customs, and effective communication between students, teachers and local residents.

I would like this opportunity to show my gratitude towards the pupils and staff at Hodge Hill College, since Hodge Hill College has helped me become a more refined person. Moreover, the school has inspired and motivated me to always try my upmost, and work towards the dream I want to achieve. Being a student here is a stimulating journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of all experience to enjoy. Whether you are in year 7 or year 11, the student leadership team are determined to motivate you to put your best foot forward academically but to also encourage you to participate in maintaining and enhancing the culture of Hodge Hill College.  

The charity I have chosen this year is MIND. Mind is a mental health charity. Mental health is a subject that is often avoided and looked down upon, therefore I feel it is essential to create awareness and educate every individual on such an important matter as after all statistics show 1 in every 4 will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Mind works with those who are suffering with a mental health problem and those who are close to someone suffering.


My name is Hamna Farooq and I am the Head Girl of Hodge Hill College, 2017-2018. I am extremely pleased, honoured and proud to have received this role and I hope to fulfil the responsibilities that come with it, to the best of my ability. Becoming Head Girl, to me, is a way in which I can give back to the school – these past four years in this school have made me the person I am today, with the CARE brand embedded into my everyday actions, motivating and encouraging me to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be. The role of Head Girl, like the other prefects, is very important as it allows students to work together with staff, as a team, in order to develop and improve the school. It gives me the opportunity to positively contribute towards the school, by becoming a good role model for younger years to look up to; as well as learning and developing skills which will help me in the future.

My chosen charity, which we will be raising money for this year, is ‘Save the Children’. 1 billion children in the world are living in poverty today – these children are entitled to the same rights any child from Hodge Hill receives. They deserve to have the basic, everyday needs that we don’t even think about, yet could save and improve the quality of their lives. There’s so much suffering that takes place everyday – just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. ‘Save The Children’ addresses this suffering, and saves the lives of many, which is why I want Hodge Hill College to give to such a noble cause. Every child deserves an education, where they can achieve their potential – but these children won’t know what they’re capable of unless we donate. Their doors of many opportunities are locked due to their unfortunate conditions, but we are in the fortunate position to give – we are the key to their future.


 Fundraising Pictures at Hodge Hill College

Raising money for Bromford Card Home 2016-17



Waffle Sales to raise money for MIND and Save the Children


Supporting Birmingham Mind - January 2019

Raising Money for Save the Children