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Half-term Revision

As part of our continued drive to improve standards at Hodge Hill College, we will be running a programme of tuition sessions for selected pupils on the dates listed below. All invited pupils will be provided with a letter and a copy will be emailed home to parents/carers. 

Pupils must be punctual to their tuition sessions to ensure that they maximize the time that staff are making available to them and so that they do not disrupt the learning of others. Pupils must sign in and out of school via the machine outside in Reception and normal expectations will apply. School uniform is not required. Staff will meet pupils in West Canteen.

Pupils will be responsible for their transport arrangements to and from the school.

Date Time Subject
25 March 2024 09:00-12:00 / 10:00-13:00 Maths
26 March 2024 09:00-12:00 PE
  09:00-14:00 Photography
27 March 2024 10:00-13:00 English
  09:00-14:00 Photography
28 March 2024 09:00-12:00 Science
2 April 2024 09:00-12:00 Computer Science
  09:00-14:00 Creative Design
3 April 2024 09:00-14:00 Creative Design
  09:00-13:00 French
4 April 2024 09:00-14:00 Creative Design