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Work Experience

The School has operated a successful Work Experience successfully for many years. Year 10 students are given the opportunity to take part in this programme for two weeks during July. This year’s work experience is Monday 9th July - Thursday 19th July 2018.

Students are encouraged to organise their own placements. Those who manage to do this are shown to obtain greater job satisfaction whilst on Work Experience. Parent’s can also play  a part with finding their son’s and daughter’s a work experience place, particularly if they have friends and family who can help. Help is given to students who cannot organise their own placement in order to provide suitable Work Experience.

Work Experience represents an opportunity for students to explore the ‘World of Work’. They can find out how work differs from school, how they might improve their chances of achieving their goals and develop their personal skills. Students gain a great deal from the experience of a different environment, working with people of different ages and having to form new relationships quickly.

Prior to the week of work experience, students are given a log book and set themselves targets to achieve. They will attend a pre-placement interview and cover aspects such as safety at work and Equal Opportunities.

Parents have a very important part to play in Work Experience helping their child to adjust to the changes required for these two weeks; e.g. longer working hours, the need to travel, dress according to the hosts requirements and complete assignments. Happily the vast majority of student’s respond very well to Work Experience but the school reserves the right to exclude a pupil if it feels a placement would cause problems for the hosts and reflect badly on the school.

While on Work Experience students have a member of staff who will visit and supervise their programme, and a debriefing session is organised for immediately after the Experience.

A summary of work done and a record of the host’s comments form an important part of the Record of Achievement and this helps with applications for college, apprenticeships and with interviews and applications for higher education later in the student’s academic career.

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an experience for 15-17 year olds which is the perfect way to gain work and life skills.  It breaks down into phases.  Phase 1 is an adventure where you’ll live with your team in an outdoor centre with your team, people you didn’t know previously but will become a second family through the series of exciting challenges you’ll have to face together including adrenaline fuelled tasks such as rock climbing and zip wiring.  Phase 2 is called discovery because you’ll be living in an university style environment and you’ll develop fundamental life skills like confidence, communication and also how to boost those all-important C.V.’s and UCAS applications!   Phase 2 is also all about discovering hidden talents through the variety of events put on such as how to set up a business.  Phases 3&4 are where you put together everything learnt in Phases 1&2 and make your mark!  In your teams you’ll create and deliver your own social action project and make a difference for a charity and help those in need.  At the end of your NCS experience what better way to celebrate your achievements than a graduation?  This is a well -earned reward where your family can also take part in your amazing achievement however NCS doesn’t finish here.  You’ll have exclusive access to potential volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities as well as fantastic discounts!   To learn more about NCS speak to your AC/AAC who will have more information on how to sign up and get involved.


Key dates 2017/2018

Pupils found own placement & all relevant forms completed by Wednesday 1st November 2017

Work Experience – Monday 9th July - Thursday 19th July 2018

Work Experience Debrief– Friday 20th July 2018


Additional Information

Work Experience Booklet

Work Experience Forms