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Medical Mavericks and The Explorer Dome are booked annually for two sessions each. Pupils in year 9 and year 8 will work with these groups. Alongside that we have had additional workshops and trips that have been booked to complement these.

Summary include:

  • Medical Mavericks
  • Explorer Dome
  • Virtual Reality Space Workshop
  • National Cyber Security Centre National CyberFirst Competition
  • Dudley Zoo Trip
  • RAF Cosford Trip
  • Sent into Space
  • WhoDunnit
  • Science KS3 Club


Medical Mavericks 

Year 10 Science groups were involved in the Medical Mavericks workshop show. The sessions were very hands-on and the students were given real medical kits to do a variety of activities such as taking blood from a fake arm, performing keyhole surgery, viewing inside their body with an ultrasound machine, taking a picture of the inside of their eye and much more. Each student received a medical observation worksheet each, which they filled in during the workshop.

The pupils were very enthused about trying all the equipment available and were able to reflect on their own lifestyle choices. Their feedback about the event was very positive and they thoroughly enjoyed the activities provided and gained a deeper understanding of how what they learn in their Science lessons is linked to careers in Medicine.

Explorer Dome

Students were delighted to welcome the Explorer Dome to Hodge Hill College, to deliver sessions on ‘Light’. Students were enthusiastic about learning in a different setting, especially as they had to make a rather unusual entrance into the dome. A variety of questions were posed, ranging from ‘black holes to light years’.

Sent into Space

Hodge Hill College went truly out of this world! As part of our STEM programme, we teamed up with ‘Sent into Space’ and carried out a space launch and live stream event.

Pupils had the opportunity to ask questions in a live Q&A session whilst our school logo was launched high above the atmosphere.

Over one hundred Year 7 and Year 8 pupils were involved and 76 questions were asked within 15 minutes!

The launch event took over 6 months to plan with logistics and weather conditions taken into account. All the staff and pupils involved loved being part of this historic event.

Girls in STEM

A group of KS3 girls were selected to visit the University of Birmingham as part of their ‘Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Day’.

The idea behind the event was to allow the girls to take part in several different STEM-related activities and link them to potential careers they could carry out in the future. An example of the activities included diagnostic testing which involved completing labstix, starch and anion tests on fake urine although the students didn’t know it was fake until after they had bravely carried out the testing.

Other workshops included DNA extraction from fruit and charpy testing of chocolate bars which examines how brittle or tough items are.

Overall, the girls had a great day in all of the workshops and learned about several different careers within the STEM sector they may not have previously thought about as well as experiencing a campus atmosphere at the University of Birmingham.

VR Day

Four Year 8 Tutor groups were involved in a very engaging virtual reality workshop based on Climate change. Each tutor group participated in a one-hour session which covered the causes and effect of global warming and how this leads to climate change. The pupils also got the opportunity to discuss how humans and the environment and being affected and how they can contribute to solve this problem.

The pupils’ feedback and excitement during the sessions showed that they thoroughly enjoyed the VR experience and it has definitely added value to their learning here at Hodge Hill College.




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Maths in Action

Year 10 pupils attended 'Maths in Action', a seminar at the University of Warwick. 600 pupils were in attendance from other schools in the West Midlands.

Luckily, we arrived early and took the first row and were able to see the action from the best possible view. All the speakers were passionate about Maths and shared their own stories of Maths in various and interesting ways.

The first speaker spoke about binary numbers and how Maths can be used to send messages. The second speaker spoke about the National Lottery and the probability of winning.

After a short break, we heard about the dark-net which is part of the internet designed to let users hide their identity. We learned how probability can be used to identify the IP address of the dark-net users.

At the end of the session, some of the speakers promoted their books at the stalls which were available to purchase. This also gave our students a good opportunity for Q&A with the speakers.

Intermediate UK Maths Challenge

60 of our Year 9 students took part in the Intermediate UK Maths Challenge (UKMT). Being the first UKMT challenge at Hodge Hill College for some time, most pupils had never heard of this prestigious event or what it entailed.

As such, extra booster sessions were required before the competition to give pupils an idea of the different formats of the exam as well as some guidance on how to approach questions. The attendance for these sessions was excellent and pupils took on board what was explained to them. The challenge focuses primarily on logical reasoning and problem-solving and so naturally, the questions are of a different style and layout to what is typically taught in a classroom.

Overall, the UKMT challenge went very smoothly and pupils enjoyed the experience, with some students keen to see if they made it to the next round!

What is the UK Maths Challenge?

The UK Mathematics Trust was founded in 1996 and their charitable aim is to advance the education of young people in mathematics.They do this by working with hundreds of volunteers across the UK to organize competitions promoting problem solving and teamwork and other mathematical enrichment activities.

Their biggest competitions are the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical challenges, which have over 700,000 entries each year, and are the UK’s most popular school competitions. They also invite the highest scoring students to take part in the follow-on rounds such as Junior, Grey, Pink and Senior Kangaroos and the Junior, Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads.