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MyEd App - Our Free App for Parents


We are very pleased to announce that we have introduced a fantastic new way to communicate and share information with you, our parent community. As a school, we want you to feel as much a part of your child's education as possible. With the increased use of smartphone technology, we want to make the best use of it. We are hoping to move to a paperless communication structure to go green and making sure important documents are efficiently delivered to parents. It is really important that you download and regularly check MyEd, as this will be our main mode of communication with our parents.

MyEd is the free parent app that provides you with a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app provides direct access to your child's attendance, timetable, absence records, achievements, behaviour and much, much more. You will also see that we update and change the information in the app as the school year moves along.

We can send you messages directly to the MyEd App relating to important information about your child's education and to remind you of events that are taking place at school. You will receive a notification if we send you a message and there is no charge for the messages you send to us.

The MyEd app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be found on the App Store and Google Play by searching for MyEd,  or alternatively, click https://www.myedschoolapp.com/get to download. 

Once you have installed and opened MyEd, search for Hodge Hill College and follow the simple instructions to identify yourself.

We hope you enjoy using the app and find it a useful source of information. If you have any questions or if we could be of further assistance, please call 0121 783 7807 or email myed@hodgehill.bham.sch.uk.  





I can’t see my child’s information in the app, how do I add a student?

Students are added to your MyEd app automatically. MyEd checks the contact details you enter when signing up against the contact details we have for you at school. If 24 hours have passed since registering with MyEd and you still do not see your child’s information, contact the school office on 0121 783 7807 to check if we have up to date details for you.


I tried downloading this on my laptop but it won’t work.

 MyEd is only available for Android and Apple mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


Why does MyEd need access to my photos, contacts and other apps?

MyEd needs various permissions from your phone in order to function. For a full outline of the permissions required and the reasons for them, please visit https://www.myedschoolapp.com/assets/App_Permissions.pdf.