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Cultural Capital


What is cultural capital?

Cultural capital refers to the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that our pupils need in order to become informed global citizens. It fosters an understanding of the complexities of the world and their place within it as well as empowering them to dream big, believe in themselves and achieve their goals. Cultural capital provides the tools that will enable our pupils to live a fulfilling life beyond secondary school, whatever form that may take.


How do we develop cultural capital at Hodge Hill College?

  • Curriculum: Our broad and balanced curriculum aims to inspire a sense of curiosity within our pupils; encouraging them to develop a detailed understanding of their subjects and refine a wide range of skills that will open doors to the careers and futures they wish to build.

  • British Values, Global Citizen’ form time programme: Both KS3 and KS4 pupils participate in form time activities designed to expand their understanding of current affairs and wider world issues, linked to our ‘theme for the week.’ This takes many forms including reading, pair work and discussion of a range of sources such as videos, graphs and maps. Our form groups also have the responsibility of leading an assembly each academic year, enabling pupils to practice their public speaking skills and foster their own self-confidence.


  • Pupil leadership: There are various opportunities for pupils to hold positions of responsibility within school; for example, the election of a head girl and head boy for each year grop, organising charity events, Year 7 standards monitors, the sports leadership programme and joining the school’s eco-committee. These roles help our pupils to develop their soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving as well as the confidence and emotional intelligence required for leadership.


  • Enrichment activities: Hodge Hill offers a wide range of enrichment activities; from break time an after school clubs to subject-specific workshops and external trips. Pupils also have the opportunity to work towards the highly respected Duke of Edinburgh award and participate in the national ‘Big Ideas Competition’ organised by Solutions for the Planet. These opportunities support the personal development of our pupils in a variety of ways, ensuring our pupils leave school with interpersonal skills and a wealth of experience as well as academic qualifications.


  • Democratic processes: Pupils regularly discuss and deepen their understanding of British Values and the democratic processes that govern the UK through form time, assemblies and elections; for example, the mock general election hosted in December 2019.


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