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A warm welcome to all students and staff at Hodge Hill College as we continue our journey to encourage recreational reading and promote literacy as the basic foundation  required  for achieving academic success.

Mrs Herrmann


“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” - Margaret Fuller



The school Library is a bustling hub of activity within which the Inclusion Team runs multiple daily interventions and is the home of our major literacy initiative in place at Hodge Hill College. The trained library staff regularly keep track of literary trends and popular book choices amongst students and the stock available to students is updated and replenished annually to reflect the diverse and ever-changing tastes of our students.

For the academic year 2020/21 Hodge Hill College is excited to introduce a new literacy programme that we believe will tackle the crucial issue of raising levels of student literacy, academic attainment, and equipping students with the essential life skills that they need head on. For KS3 we have introduced a reading monitoring programme which aims to bring the school library to even the most reluctant of readers. Every 6 weeks, all students will choose their desired age-appropriate text from the school library. From that moment, students have 6 school weeks to complete the reading of their chosen text and to return a book review form to our school librarians in order to receive a stamp on their Library Loyalty Card. Students that complete the reading and necessary reviews of 20 texts within the academic year are entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle Fire HD and in 2020/21 will be selected to take part in  fun in-school Literacy themed Escape Room activities or a Literacy Tea Party event in the school studio.

We at Hodge Hill College believe strongly that regular reading for pleasure and a good level of student literacy is the most crucial factor in achieving academic success and is an invaluable life-skill that will serve our pupils well, beyond their education.

We strongly urge parents of KS3 pupils to support the school in enhancing student literacy through the regular checking and signing of reading logs which are provided to all KS3 pupils and to encourage a minimum of 20 minutes of reading for pleasure every evening as part of their natural routine after school. Please note that all students at Hodge Hill College are permitted to sign out up to 3 texts from the school library at any given time and we strongly encourage as many students as possible to take advantage of this. Following the enforced long-term closures of schools in Spring and Summer 2020, getting students back into a good routine with reading is now more crucial than ever and as a school we are counting on your support as parents to support our ambitious literacy goals that we have put in place for the good of all of our pupils.

The school library is a warm, colourful and welcoming place for students of all ability and we will strive to continue to make it an interactive centre of learning, research and for socialising with an academic focus within our school.