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The Inclusion Department supports young people who may require additional guidance and instruction during their school years both inside and outside of lessons. The focus of the Inclusion Faculty is to offer a holistic approach in order to address the emotional, social and academic needs of the individual and support the needs of the young people through a range of customised interventions implemented to support student success and independence in the long-term.

Our school motto ‘CARE’ (Courtesy, Achievement, Respect and Empathy) represents the college’s philosophy that we believe pupils who treat each other with respect, respect cultural diversity, aspire to reach their personal best will work together in harmony whilst becoming upstanding, successful citizens as a result of upholding these core values that we promote as a school. As a college, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our pupils through the delivery of high quality education whilst providing flexible systems to support the educational needs of all pupils from the local community in a manner that responds to and suits the individual learner.

Interventions put in place for high need pupils can be delivered in various formats, be that on a 1-1 basis, as part of a small student group or at times with multiple staff delivering support to individual pupils pending on areas of staff expertise and the need of the individual pupil. In some instances, the intervention programmes may be ongoing due to the greater needs of the young people in our care. Student progress over time is rigorously tracked and evidenced, with a view to evaluating our approach and increasing student independence wherever possible. In addition, we also provide regular in-class support via the Inclusion Assistant Team for the young people requiring support with their learning during lessons.

The Inclusion Team works in collaboration with the Pastoral, Faculty and Leadership Teams to ensure that the individual needs of all our young people attending Hodge Hill College are met and that they are well supported to become independent and successful learners who achieve academic success.

To promote inclusive practices, there are a range of programmes and interventions which are regularly customised, reviewed and delivered via the Inclusion Faculty which primarily focuses on supporting subject faculties in raising the academic performance of all of our students. If you would like additional information on the support that your child may be receiving via the Inclusion Faculty, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Southern or Mr Broadrick via the school’s main office number.

Academic Support and Interventions @ HHC

  • Accelerated Reader: Literacy intervention available to targeted students with significant literacy needs.
  • 1-1 Inclusion team interventions in the school LRC: High need pupils are targeted via accumulated data and are offered tailored support every morning during form time with a range of academic needs and subjects. Inclusion staff regularly review and change support in response to the needs of the pupils that they support.
  • Inclusion Social Skills Club: Targeted pupils are provided with a range of fun, engaging and educational break time activities designed to support improving social skills and building lasting friendships within peer groups.
  • Read 2 Dogs: Every Friday targeted pupils are given the opportunity to read with Poppy, our very own King Charles Spaniel and certified Read 2 Dog’s staff member. Read 2 Dogs is an innovative new intervention that is proving very popular targeted pupils and designed to improve reading comprehension.