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Literacy through Art 

Every enrichment activity that is provided to students via the inclusion faculty is targeted towards SEND or lower ability students and students that qualify for Pupil Premium funding. Over the past 2 years the school has promoted a ‘Literacy through Art’ approach which has seen several prominent sculpture artists, textile specialists and highly regarded professionals within the Art world work with groups of our students on long term Art Projects. Within these sessions, students learn the value of teamwork and collaborative approaches alongside self-esteem, building motivation and encouragement and most importantly a ‘hands on’ approach to following detailed and complex instructions which is a vital skill that is key to unlocking student potential within all subjects.

Green Planet



Arts & Crafts Club

 During break times students have regularly been provided with an opportunity to take part in collaborative Art themed activities whilst building friendships with fellow students. Staffed by the Inclusion team, the club has provided students with a warm and welcoming setting to spend their break time whilst honing their artistic skills under the guidance of Mrs Gibson who has led several projects for students including book folding, Origami and the creation of seasonal decorations which have been used across the school.

Provision of extra-curricular activities through Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment support teams:

Due to our close links with the sensory support teams, students with a visual impairment or hearing impairment are regularly provided with opportunities to take part in enrichment activities outside of school including regular Theatre Visits, trips to the Cinema and activities that promote building links and lasting friendships between students with Visual and Hearing Impairments in the Birmingham area.

 Pets as Therapy

Poppy, our resident Pets as Therapy dog, has been working hard on Fridays with 6 of our KS3 students. After enjoying her morning in an office being spoilt by staff who come for some comfort too, she goes to the library where she makes herself at home on the cushions and listens to the students who come and read to her. She always has a great time and it seems that her happiness is shared.

To become a Pets as Therapy dog, 10-year-old Poppy had an assessment to check her suitability to work with vulnerable adults and children especially. Her temperament and behaviour were scrutinised and her ability to remain calm in difficult situations was assessed. She passed with flying colours 3 years ago and has been visiting young patients at the Birmingham Children Hospital on a weekly basis. She enjoys her work very much and always gets a treat and a cuddle for being such a good girl.