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English & Drama


The purpose of Enrichment within the English and Drama is twofold; on the one hand we try and encourage all pupils to take an active interest in their English/Drama learning outside of the classroom, whilst also developing skills that will help them improve their grades. Fundamentally we want children to have an enjoyable time within the department and progress their English/Drama understanding.

Summary of Events

Key Stage 3

We have a number of authors visit the school from various disciplines, who both deliver a talk to the whole year group and also run workshops on their interests. We have had performance poet Adisa, children’s author Bali Rai and writer Beverly Naidoo to name but a few.

Local Theatre Group also came in to show Y8 Macbeth (and another group will be showing Macbeth to them again this year also).

Adiasa - Performance Poet

 Adiasa - Performance Poet

Stephen Kelman

Stephen Kelman

Bali Rai

Bali Rai


Key Stage 4

Various theatre groups work come in to perform the set texts that Y10/11 are expected to study, and for 4 years in a row the author of Pigeon English (GCSE Lit set text) has come to speak to the children about the book.

Macbeth Performance

Year 8 Macbeth Performance

Romeo & Juliet Performance

Year 11 Romeo and Juliet Performance


Debate Mate

Every year the English Department also run a ‘Debate Mate’ club, which is jointly provided by an outside partner. Debate Mate is a national debating competition leading to both regional and national competitions -last year one of our groups was the runner up for the entire Midlands region.

 GCSE English in Action

A group of Year 10 students attended a trip to the University of Warwick to attend ‘GCSE English in Action’ – a series of talks and workshops held by writers and subject specialists who provided their insight into aspects of the GCSE curriculum. The author Neil Bowen led two engaging talks about ‘Tackling Unseen Poetry’ and ‘How to Make Your Creative Writing ‘Zip’. Pupils also gained tips and tricks for aspects of the English Language exam from Becky Wood’s engaging ‘Exploring Non-fiction Texts’ lecture.

We were treated to a poetry reading from renowned Welsh poet Owen Sheers. Sheers is well known to the students, as his poem ‘Winter Swans’ is featured in the AQA Poetry Anthology they study at GCSE. After the poetry reading, Sheers led a Q&A session – a fantastic opportunity for students to ask questions to gain his personal insight into the context of his poetry which will be a real advantage in their upcoming exams.


Drama is a life skill: the ability to confidently present yourself to an audience at a job interview or whilst delivering a professional presentation. It shows future employers that candidates have valuable skills such as confidence, creativity, communication, teamwork, empathy and understanding.

As a Drama department we feel that alongside our curriculum, our extra-curricular offer should support this. Therefore, we purposely choose plays and productions that have interesting central themes that students are going to want to explore. In all productions, students take the lead as actors and as a production team over-seeing elements such as lighting & sound, costume and marketing.

Past productions have included:

‘FACE’ by Benjamin Zephaniah


A play which explores disability, difference and acceptance in society: Everything is going Martin's way, but when his world is turned upside down by a crash in a stolen car, he has to come to terms with more than his facial injuries.


‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman

The love story of Sephy and Callum, two young people kept apart by bigotry, terrorism and injustice. Sephy is a Prime Minister's daughter from the powerful Crosses who falls for rebel Callum, son of a dangerous Nought agitator. Their desire to be together threatens family loyalties and sparks a growing political crisis.


‘Ceasefire Babies’ – by Fiona Doyle (National Theatre Connections)

A group of young people growing up under the shadow of past conflict. The play explores intergenerational transmission of trauma and how the problems faced by a war-torn country can still lurk beneath the surface, long after the arrival of peace.

Cinderella and Rockerfella

 Cinderella and Rockerfella came to Hodge Hill College and ROCKED the house! It was a fantastic show with last-minute appearances by pupils and cameos by staff. Pupils assisted with the lights, props and costumes and they did a splendid job. Well done to everyone involved!

However, the Panto pleasures didn’t end there! As a reward for the hard work, dedication, and commitment, the members of the Cinderella and Rockerfella cast along with pupils from Year 7 & 8 went to see the Snow White & Seven Dwarfs at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

It was a phenomenal show to experience. Thank you to the staff who joined us on the day!

Open Mic


Pupils get the opportunity to show off their creative talents whether it’s singing, comedy or rapping!