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Welcome to the Physical Education Department at Hodge Hill College. PE is a key subject in any school and one that inspires individuals to achieve the best that they can be on a daily basis and Hodge Hill College is no different. We feel that we stimulate pupil interest in PE and encourage them to enjoy healthy lifestyles on a daily basis as well as promoting awareness of the importance of being physically active. We try and allow pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as; safety awareness, politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative and independence. As well as this we engage pupils self esteem through the development of physical confidence.


PE Lessons at Hodge Hill

All core Physical Education lessons at Hodge Hill College are taught in single sex groups throughout the pupils’ time at school.  This is done so to make changing and supervision of this time more efficient and also to allow the department to deliver as broad and diverse curriculum as possible, meeting the needs of all pupils that take an active part in the subject.  Examination level PE taught in mixed gender groups at Key Stage 4. We have developed close club links with dance and rugby coaches who come in and teach some dance and rugby lessons within curriculum time.


 Key Stage 3

The curriculum is geared at allowing pupils to develop in the subject area as well as feeling confident, safe and motivated by the learning environment that is created for them by the PE team.  We aim to deliver high quality Physical Education and allow pupils to develop a healthy mind as well as being confident young leaders amongst their peers.

Over the course of the year pupils will experience activities such as; Rugby, Athletics, Table Tennis, Netball, OAA, Dance, Tchoukball, Handball and Basketball.

The focus of our lessons will be for our pupils to develop the following through a range of activities:

-          Knowledge, skills and understanding

-          Acquiring and developing skills

-          Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas

-          Evaluating and improving performance

-          Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health


Key Stage 4

Lessons within KS4 are more games orientated: the focus with KS4 is to offer pupils opportunities to become more skilful and aware of their performance. Students acquire and develop skills through performance allowing for greater physical competence and confidence in a number of activity areas, this will allow pupils to continue their development in these areas and demonstrate the knowledge and understanding that they have  learnt.


Extra Curricular Activities

Pupils can engage in a wide range of physical activities outside curriculum time. The department offers a wide range of extra curricula clubs and activities, staff are committed to providing a wealth of opportunities to enable our pupils to experience and develop their appetite for PE and Sport.  The extra curricular programme is updated half termly and includes a full programme of activities both in and out of school hours.

Pupils also have the chance to join our school teams and take part in competitive activities in local leagues and cup competitions in a variety of sports including football, cricket, rugby, badminton, basketball, gymnastics and many more.


Trips and Visits

Year 7 Burwarton Trip


The department puts on a variety of trips and visits throughout the school year, helping to broaden the experiences of pupils at the school.  These visits include the Duke of Edinburgh Award, attending professional sporting events, camping and walking trips and the annual trip to France.





Social: Developing personal qualities and understanding how to work with others.

Moral: Exploring and developing an understanding of moral and ethical issues. Spiritual: Developing personal values/beliefs and developing an understanding of different beliefs/values. Cultural: Exploring and responding to cultural diversity.

Peer assessment, group work, leadership.

KS3 – Healthy lifestyle homework following rules in sport, sportsmanship and etiquette following rules in sport, sportsmanship and etiquette

Y10- Fitness testing unit BTEC (ethics in research and data) following rules in sport, sportsmanship and etiquette

Y11 Following rules in sport, sportsmanship and etiquette, Fitness based unit in core PE

KS3 – Creativity in Dance and gymnastics lessons

KS4 - Creativity in Dance and gymnastics lessons, personal choices of activities in KS4

Dance SoW, variety of activities offered across curriculum, France trip, sporting visits, extra-curricular clubs


IAG and Sport

 Sport can help learners to understand the progression and learning routes, identify the skills they are developing through sport and explore how these are important for a wide range of work areas at different levels - not just those directly related to Sport. The curriculum helps students identify links with other subjects or curriculum areas.

IAG themes

A significant number of jobs exist today that did not exist as recently as 20 years ago and many of the options open to teachers when they left school are no longer available to today's school leavers. We will look at some of these newer opportunities, particularly making use of the improvement in sports technology.

Website links

National Careers Service -

Diect Gov 14-19 -

FUTURE PROSPECTS Degree Courses in PE or Sports Science Future employment prospects would then include: Teaching, Sports Centre Management, Sports Consultancy, Physiotherapist, Medicine.


P.E Staff

Miss R. Palfrey - Director of Learning, Sport, MFL and Vocational Community

Mr A.  Morgan - Assisstant Director of Sport (KS3)

Mr D. Brown - Teacher of P.E

Mr R. Patel - Assistant Headteacher Pastoral

Miss F.  Lynch - Sports Instructor

Mrs S. Edgley  - Leader of Sports Enrichment

Mr A. Knight - Teacher of PE

Mr R. Stewart - Teacher of PE


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Key Stage 3 students at Hodge Hill College receive two hours of P.E in curriculum time during Years 7, 8 and 9.

The curriculum allows students to take part in a range of activities including:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Handball
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tchoukball
  • Table Tennis


Year 7

During the first half term at school, Year 7 students will take part in baseline testing to gauge their abilities in basic skills such as running, throwing, catching and jumping. From here we place students in ability sets and provide a varied curriculum of activities over the course of the year.


Year 8

PE - Year 8


Students take part in a range of National Curriculum activities with the focus being on attaining the highest level possible. Clear targets and levels, linked to the National Curriculum for P.E are given to students throughout the year.



Year 9

Students continue working within the National Curriculum for P.E and achieving end of year target numbers. Leadership and coaching is emphasised at year 9 for students to help lead lessons and develop their own confidence and abilities. BTEC Sport links are made within Year 9 PE lessons to ensure a smooth transition for pupils who take the BTEC at KS4.





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In Key Stage 4 students choose from a range of activity pathways. Games based; football, rugby, cricket, basketball, softball, rounders etc, whilst also having the choice of activities such as; swimming, badminton, table tennis etc

Girls also have a dance coach and option to follow an alternative activity curriculum aimed at promoting lifelong health and well being.

We have a number of Hodge Hill Activity Awards available for pupils who are able to meet the criteria and also offer the Junior Sports Leader Award. This nationally recognised award helps every young person with it stand out from the crowd when applying to college.

BTEC Level 2 First Award

  • Practical Sports Performance
  • The Mind and Sports Performance
  • The Sports Performer in Action
  • Fitness for Sport Performance

The BTEC course is available in years 10 and 11. In the BTEC course students follow four units. These units focus on particular areas in sport such as the leading sports activities, fitness and anatomy and physiology. The course is assessed both through coursework and written examination.


KS4 swimming awards

In KS4 students who select swimming have the chance to complete and compete in a variety of swimming challenges and events to gain various qualifications and certificates.


 BTEC Level 2 First Award

The course is aimed at those pupils who may be interested in a career within the sports industry and also towards those pupils who have a general interest in sport and physical activity.

The syllabus is suited to pupils who are interested in, and has an aptitude for improving their core skills, techniques and tactics in sport and physical activity as well as increasing their knowledge of the rules, regulations and safety procedures in sport. It is also designed for those pupils considering any kind of career in sport.

Although pupils are not directly assessed on their practical ability, the course does allow the opportunity for a wide variety of practical activities. There may also be opportunities for pupils to undertake some out of school activities and also have external speakers and teachers come into school to assist with the course. Pupils have the opportunity to gain a first aid qualification as part of the BTEC course.


The course will be graded as Pass, Merit or Diploma equivalent to a GCSE grade at C, B or A respectively, based on a coursework portfolio.

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The course is aimed at those pupils who may be interested in a career within the sport industry, e.g. teaching, sports management, sports therapy, sports consultancy, physiotherapy.

AS-level P.E A-level Sports Studies GNVQ Leisure and Tourism(Intermediate) BTEC Sports Studies


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