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Creative Design



As part of the GCSE Photography Course, Key Stage 4 pupils are required to attend study visits in order to enrich their coursework folders and allow them to access the higher grades. Visits include Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire, Charelcote Park in Warwickshire, Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham City Centre. Photography study visits are a powerful teaching tool that helps to enhance the experience of all learners who are studying GCSE photography. Extra stimulation in new environments can be particularly beneficial to pupils and can help teach life skills, build on social skills and improve independence and self-confidence. Learning outside the classroom adds value to each individual’s academic and personal development and is now embedded within the Creative Design curriculum.


Elvaston Castle - KS4

Elvaston Castle


Charelcote Park - KS4

Charelcote Park Charelcote Park


Stratford upon Avon - KS4

Stratford Stratford
Stratford Stratford


Birmingham City Centre - KS4

Birmingham City Centre




Art Workshop with Sculptor Tom Hare – KS3

This year we have had Artist Tom Hare visiting the school to conduct a series of art workshops with the students. Tom Hare is a well-known three dimensional sculptor who primarily uses willow as his material and with this creates elaborate designs and woven structures. He is well known for using Natural Forms amongst other things as his source of inspiration and these are produced in a variety of large sizes.

“ Part of my process is to find small details in nature, like seeds and pods and then scale them to human size or even bigger, giving a sense of awe and wonder”

We are very fortunate at Hodge hill College to have such an esteemed artist to work with are students. The workshops consist of a variety of pupils, years 7, 8 and 9, over a number of days. Each year group of students working together with the artist are charged with creating a full-size woven sculpture based upon a famous character from English Literature. These characters include Sherlock Holmes and William Shakespeare and will be displayed in areas around the school building.

“The whole process of producing willow sculpture is very grounding. The connection with nature, through coppicing and transferring observations into design, can be a humbling experience and a physical one too.”

The Students have the opportunity to question Tom about his inspirations, experience and processes and above all they get to experience and develop artistic techniques creating with different materials.

Art Projects Art Projects
Art Projects Art Projects

Art workshop with Caroline Jariwala – KS3

Artist Caroline Jariwala has been to the school several times and has been commissioned to create large mosaic pieces which are on display on the exterior walls of the school.

She is due to come in to create ideas with a group of students, after which she will realise in mosaic.

The students will be led in a creative planning session and also have the opportunity visit the artist’s workshop to see their design come to life

Art Workshop




Lessons are available in Flute, Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Dhol, Singing and Brass instruments. Twenty minute lessons are delivered on a timetable which rotates to minimise disruption to other lessons. Where appropriate students are allocated an instrument on which to practice. It is important that students practice between these lessons in order to make good progress and space is available in the department at break times and after school for students who cannot do this at home.

When students are ready, Hodge Hill College will pay for students to take graded examinations on their instrument and many students have already achieved great success in these exams.

Year 7 students learning orchestral instruments attend a concert by the CBSO at Symphony Hall designed to help them better understand their instrument and the role it plays in the orchestra.

The choir rehearse on a Thursday during break 1 in E261. Last year they were involved in a number of exciting projects including rehearsing with Black Voices for Black History Month and visiting a professional recording studio to record their songs. They have performed at numerous events in school and at Heartlands Hospital.Welcome to the Music department. Music lessons at Hodge Hill College provide opportunities for students to perform, compose and appraise music in line with the National Curriculum, providing support in refining communication and cretive expression. Students are encouraged to develop practical skills and all pieces studied are contextualised to help students develop analytical skills with deference to social context.The department is located on the first floor in East Building, in a series of suited rooms. There are two music classrooms adjacent to each other, as well as a practice room, technology studio, stock rooms and an instrument store. There are two full-time music staff but these are supported by a total of 6 peripatetic staff who attend for a total of 18 hours per week. All students are welcome to apply for instrumental study; lessons are completely free to students and instruments can be provided on loan for a small refundable deposit.

Winter Showcase – Key stage 3 & 4


Winter Ball Winter Ball