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Work Hard Get Rewarded

Work Hard, Get Rewarded

Praise and rewards are one of the fundamental ways we demonstrate our CARE brand. Pupils Work Hard, and they Get Rewarded. We acknowledge the importance of praise and rewards and seek to promote and reinforce our expectations of students at any given opportunity.

Members of staff will log a positive referral for pupils on to the school system and these are monitored by the pastoral team to identify those that have earned their reward.

Some examples of behaviour where positive referrals are rewarded:

  • Effort
  • Attainment
  • Good behaviour
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Displaying CARE brand behaviours
  • Participation
  • Positive attitude / enthusiasm

Examples of some of the rewards pupils can receive include texts home, special seats in assembly, queue jump pass for canteens, superhero badges, praise post cards sent home, and events such as tea parties or pizza and film events. Every two weeks, achievement coordinators ask teachers for pupils who have recently excelled in their lessons, and these pupils are celebrated in assemblies.

Top Cats                    


Throughout the year teachers will provide effort scores for their pupils, A to D, with A being the highest and D the lowest. Achievement coordinators monitor and track this data to identify the Top Cats in each year group.

Top Cats are the who achieve at least one A for effort and no C or D grades. They also need to be at national average or above for attendance.

Top Cats receive a badge and certificate during assembly. They have their picture taken and these are displayed across the school, whilst parents are informed by texts home. They are also invited to attend reward events such as Monster Mash, Beat The Teachers, and adventure activities such as trampolining.

Aspiring Top Cats are those who have met the criteria but have just fallen short in one. Parents are informed by text, and these pupils given support to move forward.


All of these then feed in to a programme of rewards and enrichment opportunities which may include:

  • Trips and visits 
  • Celebration events e.g concerts, a magic show, ‘parties’, guest visits
  • Badges
  • Certificates
  • Prize vouchers

 Our previous Rewards events across the Year Groups:

Two Great Singers


We had two great singers entertain our Year 7s. The singers spoke to our pupils about mental health and British values. The Year 7s danced and cheered for the whole hour as well as surprising the guests on how much they understood about British values

Book Club


Our students love reading and some have already read over 10 books since September. The Book Club was a great opportunity for students to read and talk about their favourite books over a hot cup of tea and a nice piece of cake. 

Monster Mash


 The spectacular spooky Monster Mash

First Aid


Help is at hand

Long Mynd


  Walk the scenic route of Long Mynd

Zoo Lab 


The students enjoyed their visit from Zoo Lab

End of Term Party



The End of Term Party was not only well attended, it was also a massive success!



Celebrating the end of 5 successful years at Hodge Hill College

 Ice Skating


   Ice Skating

Cricket at Edgbaston

An afternoon of cricket at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Hodge Hill's Got Talent


Have you got what it takes to make it onto HHGT?

 The school relies upon each individual student following a responsible code of behaviour as well as specific school rules. The Behaviour for Learning policy is available to view in the parent section of the website:

(http://www.hodgehill.bham.sch.uk/Parents/Policies/) and is reinforced regularly to students. The school believes in rewarding good conduct and work through its system of rewards.