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Summer GCSE Exams 2021 – FAQs for Pupils and Parents


Student Guide to Awarding - Summer 2021


 1. How will my child’s grades be calculated this summer?

The Department for Education and OFQUAL have asked teachers to provide pupils with grades based on the standard they are working at. This means grading pupils on what they know, understand and can do. Teachers cannot judge a pupil’s potential or predict grades – it MUST be based on evidence teachers have collected from the pupils throughout their study.

We will ensure that teacher assessed grades (TAGs) are determined fairly, consistently, free from bias and effectively in all subjects.


2. Will teacher assessed grades be used for all of my child’s qualifications?

Yes. All GCSE and BTEC qualifications that were due to be completed in Summer 2021 will be teacher assessed grades. This includes GCSE English Literature for Year 10 pupils.


 3. What evidence will be used to create the teacher assessed grades?

At this point, all Subject Leaders have considered what has been already taught since the start of the GCSE/BTEC courses and what can be reasonably covered in the next half term. A teaching and assessment plan has been produced for all subjects and a pupil-friendly version of what they will learn and what assessments are remaining has been shared with pupils. Pupils are working hard to ensure that they do their very best, knowing that every assessment they do can contribute to their final grades.

Teachers will use a range of evidence to make a judgement on the grade pupils are working at. This work must reflect the exam specifications and materials used by exam boards. This could be:

  • Mock exams and in class tests
  • Substantial homework or classwork
  • Internal tests (before and after lockdown)
  • NEA (coursework), even if not fully complete


 4. How will teachers come to an overall grade?

Teachers will look at a broad range of evidence to make a holistic judgement of the grade their pupils are performing at. Here is a summary of what each subject will use to determine final grades:

*Subject to change dependent on COVID-19


Please note that assessments are not all weighted equally. More recent assessments and those completed in exam conditions operated under a high level of control will be given more consideration than assessments completed in the classroom.

A Centre Devised Task is an assessment based on exam board materials and marked in the same way as the exam would but has been modified to reflect the content that pupils have studied.


5. How long does my child have to produce the evidence that will be used in the grading process?

Teacher assessed grades must be submitted to exam boards by Friday 18 June 2021 so all assessments must be completed before then. In practice, we expect them all to be completed before the May half-term, though there may be some exceptions (for example, if your child had to isolate and missed many of them).


6. How will teachers make sure the results are fair?

Before we submit our teacher assessed grades to the exam boards, the data has to go through some moderation checks:

  •  At least two teachers must check and be happy with the grades
  • The SENDCO will check to ensure that normal reasonable adjustments and access arrangements that pupils would receive had the summer exam continued have been exercised. In any historical data where access arrangements were not possible will be taken into consideration when the data is reviewed
  • We will use historical school data from 2017 to 2019 to ensure our teacher assessed grades are fair as part of a high-level check. This will be done on a grade, subject and centre level

If you believe that your child is eligible for special consideration, such as temporary illness when the assessment data was collected, then you must make us aware of this before Thursday 3 June 2021 by completing the form below so that this can be reflected in the final submission. 

Special Consideration Form


 7. When is Results Day this year?

Results Day will still take place – it will be on Thursday 12 August 2021.


8. Can my child find out their grade before the formal results day if their teachers are calculating it?

 We aim to operate this teacher assessed grade process with as much transparency as possible so that our pupils and parents can be confident that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that grades are awarded fairly.

Pupils and parents CANNOT find out teacher assessed grades before results day.

If pupils or parents ask the school or teachers for their grades or to be given higher grades then this is MALPRACTICE. The school is required to report this to the exam boards.


9. What is the appeals process if my child is not happy with their teacher assessed grade?

 There are three stages of appeal that will take place from August to October

1. Centre-review – pupils can ask us to check whether we made an administrative or procedural error. If so, we will request the grade is changed

2. Awarding organisation appeal – we will submit this for you if requested by the pupil. The grounds for appeal would be:

  • The school did not follow its policy
  • The school did not undertake internal quality assurance checks
  • The school did not allow access arrangements
  • The exam board made an administrative error
  • The school did not exercise reasonable academic judgement in the selection of evidence or the determination of the grade

3. OFQUAL Exam Procedures Review Service – pupils can request this if they believe that the exam board did not follow the correct procedures.

At every stage of appeal, a pupil’s grade could go up or down.

What can I do if I think my grade is wrong? How do I appeal? What will happen if I appeal? 


10. My child has been sent home to isolate and will miss scheduled assessments. What will happen for their assessments?

Pupils will be expected to complete the assessment on a different date when they return to school.


11. My child was absent or felt unwell during an assessment and this affected their ability to perform in that assessment. How can this be taken into consideration in the grading process?

Refer to the above table regarding when assessments are taking place and ensure that you make us aware of any issue that you wish us to consider before Thursday 3 June 2021 by completing the form below so that this can be reflected in the final submission.   

Special Consideration Form


12. My child has suffered significant mitigating circumstances that have affected their ability to perform in their assessments across the summer term. How can this be taken into consideration in the grading process?

If your child has suffered mitigating circumstances, you must inform the school for special consideration via the form below by Thursday 3 June 2021.

Special Consideration Form

Some examples of mitigating circumstances which would warrant special considerations include but are not exclusive to:

  • Bereavement
  • Isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test
  • Isolation due to being a close contact of a person with a positive COVID-19 test
  • Shielding as requested by the government
  • Diagnosis/management of a new medical condition
  • Absence due to a long term illness
  • Caring for a relative
  • Cases of domestic violence or crisis