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The photography course was introduced to Hodge Hill College in January 2014 and has grown in popularity each year. We consistently have a 100% pass rate of grades 4 and above and we are now recognised as being in the top 1% of Photography courses in England and Wales.

Students learn the processes involved in photography. This includes understanding how to use a DSLR camera, the importance of lighting and how to use a studio to create a wide range of interesting images. As a result, students’ will become confident in developing their creative ideas.

Much of the work is computer generated, but at Hodge Hill College we incorporate a wide range of manual techniques and processes. Students’ will benefit from educational visits to nearby towns and rural areas. This is an excellent opportunity to give students’ the experience in creating images using natural light.

Students learn how to navigate Adobe software in order to develop and refine their Photographs and to create a body of work for their portfolio.

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GCSE Photography

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Two A2 portfolios are created throughout the course, a coursework portfolio and an examination portfolio.

 The coursework portfolio is developed throughout year 10 and one term of year 11 and constitutes 60% of the overall grade.

 The examination portfolio is started in the Spring term of year 11 and follows a theme given by the examination board, this portfolio constitutes 40% of the final grade and culminates in an examination which is completed over a period of ten hours.

Both portfolios are graded on four assessment objectives and must contain investigation of the artwork by established artists and artwork produced by the student. Students must also produce written work exploring the theme, analysing artwork and explaining their personal response to their project.

Key topics taught

  • The use of DSLR cameras with studio lighting and natural lighting.
  • Experimentation with a range of photographic techniques.
  • Creation and enhancement of images using Photoshop.
  • Development of photographic skills with an emphasis upon use of materials with the aim of  producing large final outcomes of a high standard.
  • The study of key themes in Art, for example, portraiture and still life exploring these themes within the contexts of culture, history and contemporary practice.


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KS4 support lessons take place throughout the week

Extra sessions for Year 10 students take place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Extra sessions for Year 11 students take place after school on Mondays and Fridays